Welcome to thedingleberry

Greetings, you have stumbled into the mystical world of thedingleberry! Today was a great day for dingleberries. Me and the Mrs. went to Wal-Mart today and did some shopping  and ran into the typical consumers that shop at Wal-Mart. There was a portly lady in the frozen food section talking loudly into her cell phone, she said “Hello” very loudly and had a very loud conversation with somebody whom she seemed angry with. She began telling the recipient of the phone call to get something out of the shed which she repeated several times loudly into her cell phone which was most likely a Tracphone because she looked poor and possibly high on meth. I can only imagine what was in her shed, but I bet whatever it was reeked of feces.

There are going to be fireworks downtown tonight at 10pm so my neighbors down the street decided to get ready for them at 4pm because they apparently wanted good seats. So they set up some chairs and benches out in front of their house. The father who had a bottle of beer in his hand for possibly the entire 6 hours he is waiting for the fireworks and he is forcing his children to stay outside and play with a ball so he can make sure nobody takes his seats.  So far at 9pm he is still the only person in town waiting for the fireworks.

The Mrs. and I went shopping at the Goodwills today because we are as poor as the portly lady from Wal-Mart, however we have Verizon Wireless so we are a step above her and her family.  The Mrs. decided that it would be a good idea to buy a poster for our children’s nursery, we have no children and don’t plan to have them for another 3 years or so.  The poster listed the letters of the alphabet and had a description of each letter. My favorite is “U is for Underpants drying in the breeze”. An honorably mention is “Y is for Yeti who lives in the snow.” WTF

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