Bromosexuals part deux

Today I decided to empty the recycle bins and they were even more disgusting as I had imagined.  There was half eaten McDonalds, and a pillow with several pillow cases which seemed to be deteriorating. The recycle bins were wet with beer and reeking of death.

Bro #1 was parked in the fire lane again right by the sign that says no parking fire lane in big red letters. What a douche. Not only was his atrocious Honda Civic with its mismatched color doors parked illegally. I also found something disturbing tacked to one of our trees.

I am completely baffled about what is going on here. There is a stuffed frog tacked to the tree in front of our house. It has been gashed open and half of the contents and internal pieces are missing. This appears to be some kind of threat or stuffed animal sacrifice. Perhaps they were angry that I tossed out their half eaten garbage and rotting pillows and this half of a frog is some kind of warning. It is disturbing how this frog continues to smile at me even though it has been decimated.

One comment on “Bromosexuals part deux

  1. I have to hand it to you. I would not have been able to touch those recycle bins!

    And would the recycle truck have picked up the bins full of McDonald’s, a pillow, and pillow cases? You know me. I am very good about my recycling. Only number 1 and 2 plastics… I don’t mix my wrapping paper with the newspaper. And I still got a note once from the recycle truck that our recycle bins were sitting in the wrong place.

    And I know that someone reading your blog may think you are making all this up. Definitely not!

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