George Foreman wouldn’t approve

This afternoon I went outside to the back porch and the sack lunch that was laying their last  night was gone, wonder if somebody ate it or if it was taken away by bears. In it’s place, there was a George Foreman grill randomly laying on the porch including the fat catching tray.Do not know why it is there, there is no power outlet nearby and I don’t know why anyone would cook with a small kitchen appliance on the wooden floor of a porch.

There was also a kitchen garbage can next to the grill which contained boxes of Bud Light, beer bottles and what appeared to be an article of clothing, probably some kind of shirt. And it was sitting next to a giant ass mop. Notice how there are a bunch of recyclables in a garbage can and garbage in the recycle bins. Somebody has things a little backwards here.But that is just the tip of the iceberg. I took a stroll around to the front of the bro’s half of the duplex and found a box sitting on their front  steps next to about 2 weeks worth of mail in their mailbox. The box contained about 4 more McFlurry cups, tchese guys most really love their small sized McDonalds Blizzard rip-offs.  There is also some beer bottles and plastic wrap, it seems that their garbage has started to migrate to the front of their house as well. Maybe they are planning on mailing their trash to the landfill. Later today when the Mrs. and I were coming home we happened to see 2 cars parked in the fire lane again. There were a couple of bromosexuals sitting in the front seat waiting for the other bro that drives the Honda Abomination to come out of his house. He was wearing a wife beater and one shoe and hopped on one foot to the car. The car’s trunk was open and the one bro with one shoe got out then got into his car, which I thought he was going to actually move in respect to the funeral going on (there is a funeral home right next door, and the fire lane is part of the funeral home parking lot). But no, he grabbed something out of his car then jumped in the other bros car. I can only imagine where they are going tonight. There is probably going to be alcohol, shirtless men, Katy Perry music, and baby oil for their abs and lots of other things that are borderline homosexual.

It was better back in the day when Hdog and her two awesome cats Nico and Eli lived with us. There was no garbage on the porch or random shirtless dudes playing cornhole in the front yard and dancing around to pop music in the middle of the night. Her cats were awesome because they were crazy and one of them humped a stuffed animal once even though I did not witness it first hand. The Mrs. told me that it happened. The dingleberry and our former cat, Riley, may he rest in peace, really liked those two and they would all lay around together doing cat stuff.

I am really going to miss the bros after we move, there will not be anyone to leave garbage around with sack lunches and questionable items strewn about the property. However our new place has a pool and air conditioning and there is less likely to be people urinating on our windows at 3 in the morning and tacking stuffed animals to the trees.

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