More shopping cart madness

Today I received another picture from the Squirrel Queen. It appears that another shopping cart has been abandoned near her house. This time it is across the street in front of her neighbor’s house. She also reports that the previous shopping cart is still lying in the ditch next to her house.

What did the shopping carts ever do to deserve this abuse?

The bros are also at it again. There are more questionable items laying out on the porch. The George Foreman grill is still laying there complete with drip tray. But now they have also added some fly paper to the banister. What is the purpose of having fly paper on the porch? Especially since it is just unraveled near the steps like a wet noodle? Are they trying to catch flies outside? Shouldn’t this be in there house, they keep removing the screen from their door letting all kinds of creepy crawlies inside, it would make logical sense to have the fly paper in their house. Also notice the Honda Abomination is in the fire lane yet again! Note all of the cars in the parking lot, that is because a funeral is going on next door and the Abomination is taking up space from the Funeral Home patrons. Such disrespect for the deceased.

The fly paper was only the first new item that has been placed on the porch. There is also a random dresser drawer next to the garbage can that previously contained recyclables that they dumped in the dumpster instead of the recycling bins which are full of their nasty trash again. Where is the rest of the dresser? Why does it only have one drawer and why is it laying outside on the porch without the rest of it? There are so many unanswered questions here. The George Foreman grill is also visible in the right hand corner. I have no clue why it is still laying there and whether it is trash or if they plan on using it. This is totally mind boggling.

As I type this, Rowan Fitzgerald, aka the dingleberry is laying on the floor again looking dead with his head on backwards and it is totally freaking me out!

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