I hate commercials with a passion

One of the commercials that I cannot stand is that Hillshire Farms commercial with the blonde lady that splits into two people and she starts talking about how she’s cooking and looking good while doing it. Then she says that her stupid husband is going to fall for her trickery by eating her delicious sausage she has made him. She says that she is going to tell him that they are taking dance classes then she turns into an 80’s outfit and does a stupid dance. I cannot fathom how anyone would enjoy this piece of garbage. They play this commercial like every 5 minutes and I cannot stand it. Today I was telling the Mrs. how much I hate this commercial and it had played twice in the time that I was telling her how much I hated it. Why do they have to play these annoying commercials so often??? For those of you who are living under a rock and are lucky enough not to have witnessed this commercial 80 times a day. Here it is:

Another commercial that I absolutely hate is the Swiffer commercials where they suck up people dressed as dust, mud, and dirt. Then they play “What about love!” by Heart. There are three commercials, here is the most annoying one. It has a valley girl dressed up as mud complete with a mud purse talking about how mops with bacteria try to pick her up, eww! Then it breaks into the chorus. She has standards, you know.

Today I went over to Cookie Crisp and the Italian Stallion’s house, along with the Mrs. and Jam Master J. Jam Master J showed me a picture of his armpit vagina, it was gross. Then I showed him a picture of my bruise on my stomach that looks like the eye of Jupiter. Not sure where or when I got it but it is huge and I think I might have gotten it from moving heavy boxes and stuff. Here is a picture of it, it is gross. So do not scroll down if you have a weak stomach.

I spent all day moving heavy boxes because I am moving. I got no help from the dingleberry whatsoever. I know what you’re thinking, he is just a cat, how can he help you move boxes and furniture? You know what? Shut up. He then crawled into a garbage bag full of stuffed animals that we are going to donate. He crawled into the back of the bag and laid in it, which probably would have suffocated him. I tried to get a picture but he got out of it before I could get a good shot. Not only didn’t he help me today, he practically got himself killed while screwing around. What a jerk.

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