Thrift Store Adventures

Last night I put a piece of mail in my mailbox, it was a form I had to sign for the place where I’m vacationing in 2 weeks. I figured that at my new place all I had to do to mail a letter was to set it in the mail box, wrong! The mail man crushed my letter with the rest of the mail and managed to get a big orange stain on the envelope. WTF?

Anyway… The Mrs. and I went to some thrift stores today to find some things for our new place. We found a table that we liked but it had no price tag on it, so we took it to the front desk and asked if they could price it for us. They called some moron from the back to “help”. He picked up the table and said that it wasn’t for sale and had a sticker on it that said so in an accusing tone which showed that he thought we took it off. Then he grabbed the table and took off with it. Apparently we look like the kind of people who would take a not for sale tag off of something at a thrift store then try to trick them into selling it to them, aka most thrift store employees. Is it unreasonable to find a piece of furniture in the furniture section of the store surrounded by furniture that is for sale and assume that it is for sale also? Or am I just crazy?

Later today at a different thrift store I saw a guy with one of the worst t shirts I have ever seen. It said body piercing saved my life and had a picture of Jesus’s hand nailed to a cross. It was like a walking church billboard. Who comes up with these slogans anyway. There’s a billboard by me that says “be an organ donor, give your heart to Jesus”. Those slogans are so awful and they are in front of every church.

I found this shirt very tacky.

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