I want to get a giant fair bunny

Today I went to the Medina County Fair with the Mrs. I like to go to county fairs to look at all of the stupid animals. I especially like the ginormous rabbits. They are so cute and adorable. I took pictures of my favorite bunnies so that I could share them with you.

This one was one of my favorites, its all fuzzy and kind of looks like a Koala Bear/Yeti/bunny.

This one is cute too it is really fat and looks like it is wearing a puffy sweater.

I really liked this bunny too, it had freakishly long ears, its ears were longer than it is tall and it is the same color as my cat.

This is another bunny I liked, it kept putting its head down when ever I tried to take a picture of it, but I took a picture of it anyway, take that you stupid bunny!

These bunnies were so huge that they barely fit in their cages, many of them were shaking like they were having seizures, they probably weren’t feeling so well because they were so large and it was so hot at the fair.

I saw this bumper sticker on line that was for free, it is for vegetarians or vegans or people who are afraid of eating animals. It has pictures of animals that says “love us, not eat us!”I have heard of eating cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, but what is up with the rest of the pictures? Who in the blue hell is eating dogs, cats, and parrots? No wonder this thing is free. I am going to have it delivered to my house so I can put it on my car to show my love of eating cats, dogs, and parrots. Not only am I a carnivore I am going to come to your house and eat your pets.

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