Going on vacation

I am going to vacation at Hocking Hills with The Mrs. Wednesday through Friday evening. I am not expecting to have internet access so no new blog posts until Friday, I hope you are able to survive without an update for a couple of days. I should have some good stories to share though. There is a pencil sharpener museum down there, how exciting! The dingleberry is going to be home all alone 😦 although Swedish Falcon and Professor S the Magnificent are going to come visit him while we are gone.

Finally turned in our keys to the old apartment yesterday, officially done with that hellhole. Drove by it today and it appears that the bros are still living there even though everyone was supposed to turn their keys in on Monday. As far as we know, they were supposedly moving out. They now have an air conditioner on the porch along with the mini fridge, dresser drawer, and George Foreman grill. They are still parking in the fire lane as well. What a bunch of idiots. They were also spotted moving a love seat into their apartment a few days ago, they are probably going to owe their entire security deposit to their slumlords, which they should. So glad to be out of there.

I am leaving you with this awesome video that The Mrs. found. It has two cats screaming at each other, the subtitles are priceless. The dingleberry gets excited by this video whenever he hears it.

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