Attack of the pugs

Yesterday I went to my nephew’s baptism in Columbus. The Mrs. left from there to go to West Virginia to vacation with her family for the week. My parents, Squirrel Queen and Sleeping Jesus drove me home along with their pug Mimi who molested me with her tongue the majority of the car ride home.

When we got to my apartment they came in to use the facilities and brought Mimi in with them. My cat Rowan is apparently deathly afraid of pugs, since you know pugs are so scary. Mimi started chasing him around the house and he completely flipped out. He ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, Mimi followed him on the bed and he took off towards the living room. He tried to hide in the balcony window like an idiot and Mimi instantly found him, he jumped about a foot into the air head first into the window then ran over to the couch and sat on top of it and started hissing and acting like Gollum from Lord of The Rings.

Rowan stayed on top of the couch for several hours afraid to move, long after my parents and Mimi had left. He has been avoiding walking on the floor ever since. He keeps sitting on the counter top in the kitchen and looking around for pugs, he is so stupid.

Here is Mimi looking vicious, so scary!

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