I Want A Spider-Man Face Tattoo

The other day the Mrs., Jam Master J, Bumblebee, and I went out to some Halloween stores.  A little back story: I love Halloween, and when I say I love Halloween I mean that I REALLY REALLY love Halloween. That is all the back story you need to know. OK, so Bumblebee and a friend of hers got some Halloween costumes, I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t have any money but I did see something that caught my eye. It was a Spider-Man mask face tattoo. It is kind of cool but kind of creepy and really stupid at the same time. It’s a temporary tattoo that covers your whole face, I can only imagine someone buying this then not being able to completely wash it off in the shower and having to go to work the next day with a fading Spider-Man face, it would really suck if you worked at a bank or something like that because you would probably get fired for being a dumbass.

The other day the Mrs. had a doctor’s appointment, I had to urinate because I had drank too many energy drinks. When I went into the bathroom I saw one of those giant plastic baby changing tables. It was a “Sturdy Station” brand but someone had taken a knife and cut out the S and the Y in sturdy, making it say “Turd Station” which seems like a more accurate name, after laughing uncontrollably for several seconds I got a picture of it. Behold it’s magnificence:

Today Swedish Falcon, Professor S the Magnificent, the Mrs., and I went out to do some shopping.  We went to a warehouse sale where everything was 70% off of it’s suggested retail price. I got a shirt that said “Anything you can do I can do better (Unless it involves Math)” and I got 2 books, one was titled “That’s what she said” and contains hundreds of instances where people used that phrase which is also a phrase which I use semi-daily. I also got a book that has pictures of stupid church signs from around the continental United States.

I also went to Five Below and got a phone charger and some t-shirts. My phone charger stopped working so I needed to get one, so I went to the place that sells them for the cheapest price possible. I got a shirt that says “That’s what she said” on it because as I mentioned before I use that phrase semi-daily, I was also wearing this shirt when I bought the “That’s what she said” book. I got another shirt as well, it said “I tried being good but then I got bored”. I am wearing that one to my parent’s house tomorrow. Everyone keeps saying that it was the perfect shirt for me but I do not understand why because I am a perfect little angel, and Swedish Falcon will back me up on this.

In other news I am getting a laptop from Professor S tomorrow, YAY! Now no more competing with the Mrs. for computer usage.

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