The Most Disgusting Food Ever Eaten

I went into Google Image Search and typed in gross food and was overwhelmed by the amount of disgusting food that exists out there. Here’s a run down of the worst of the worst.

Meal worms:  in some countries they are a delicacy, in America they are lizard food. I will eat a lot of gross stuff but I draw the line at worms, I don’t care how they’re cooked.

Deep fried chicken heads: I love fried chicken but I never thought about eating the chickens head, probably because theirs no meat there and I would probably choke on the beak.

Spaghetti and Hot dogs: I  hate hot dogs to begin with, but mixing them with other foods is just nasty to me. This sounds like something my dad, Sleeping Jesus would make. Except he would have put it in cream of mushroom soup with a side of cottage cheese and a tall glass of buttermilk. Yuck!

Scorpion donuts: I might eat scorpions and I would definitely eat donuts, but the combinations just sounds unappetizing to me.

The KFC Double Down: This is a sandwich at KFC that contains bacon and cheese wedged between two pieces of fried chicken. I never tried one so I am not sure how gross it really is. I would probably eat it, though.

Jimmy Dean pancakes and sausage on a stick: I actually saw this one at Giant Eagle, they come in blueberry and chocolate chip flavors. As much as I like pancakes this just looks vomit inducing.

I really can’t say too much though because I happen to love McGriddles, they are the most amazing breakfast food ever. If you never had one, it is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with two blueberry pancakes as buns with a drizzle of maple syrup. I know it has over a days worth of calories but it is sooooo goood.

The only reason to go to McDonalds

7 comments on “The Most Disgusting Food Ever Eaten

  1. True, we’ve been together for 8 years and you have eaten some odd shit in that period of time. I love how you eat crap like this and I’m the fat one. 😦

  2. Hotdogs and pasta is actiualy good for some reason when mixed together with some other things in there aswel. but not like that. not boiled hotdogs.

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