Stupid Tattoos On Stupid People Who Paid For Stupid Tattoos

I got on the computer and looked at the Fox 8 news site and it had a gallery of pictures of bad tattoos. I decided to steal a bunch of them and post them on my blog with creative descriptions. Enjoy, bitches:

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a Mexican, African American, or zombie version of Christopher Walken or some kind of combination of all 3.



ALF tattoo, this was a good idea in 1988. “Dude, this show is going to be on forever! What? It got cancelled already?!” *grabs a hacksaw*

This one is just gross, unless you grew up in the 70’s or earlier.



She should get married to the guy in the picture above, they both love terrible armpit tattoos.


If you are going to get a portrait tattooed on yourself at least make sure your tattoo “artist” can actually draw.





Same as above, or this person really likes some really ugly disfigured freak.


“I just met this girl last night, I think I’m in love.” I’m pretty sure that’s a male prostitute. “That would explain the penis.”



You wanted a portrait of your daughter tattooed on your arm but decided that it wouldn’t be manly enough, so you had your tattoo artist draw a picture of what she would like if she was the karate kid with plants growing out of her face. Brilliant!


Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as a blue unicorn and that one doesn’t even have a horn so it’s not even a unicorn. This does not make sense! What?



Is this supposed to be a flying pickle with herpes? Or were they trying to cover up their herpes with a a tattoo of a flying pickle?

I always wondered what Marilyn Monroe would look like with Downs Syndrome.

7 comments on “Stupid Tattoos On Stupid People Who Paid For Stupid Tattoos

  1. Great post, as is your freshpressed one about printers, but 8 million people will comment on that and say exactly what I would have. I’m surprised they let the f word get freshpressed. One of the few freshpressed posts that I actually liked. I just want to add that I want to use the word freshpressed one more time.

    Clearly the blue horse is doing the unicorn, and the unicorn is done already apparently, hence the cigarette, and, judging by the expression on the blue one’s face, it’s angry sex. The girl with the armpit tattoo is actually pretty cute, but what was she thinking? Marilyn has had a stroke on both sides, I’d say.

  2. The flying pickle looks like a flying tampon…totally agree with all your frightening choices here, especially that Marilyn one. I’d say that piece of “art” should be burned, but, well, it’s some idiot’s arm so….

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