Worst Halloween Costumes For Pets

There are lots of costumes for freaks that like to dress up their cats in costumes, myself included. But there are some pet costumes that are just awful, some of these are just downright disturbing.

Stripper Costume For Dogs

It is a male stripper costume. This would be OK if it were marketed as a tuxedo outfit or something. But it is marketed as a stripper dog which is just dumb considering dogs are always naked, so he technically is wearing more clothes than usual.

Fire Chief Dog Costume

Now your dog can look like one of the Village People, YAY!

Dora The Explorer

This is just disturbing, I don’t care how big of a Dora fan your kids are, you should never make an animal wear this ridiculous thing.

Police Officer Dog Costume

Another one of many animal costumes that resemble the Village People and/or strippers. I really wonder who actually buys these things and for what purpose. Actually I probably don’t want to know.

Princess Leia in Slave Outfit

Why would anybody put this on their pet? What market is there for people who like to dress up their pets like slutty sorority girls?

Slutty Barmaid Costume 

This fits in the same category as the costume above. I bet there’s someone that owns all of these pet costumes and makes their cats or dogs wear them all the time while they rub their nipples *shudders*

Cowboy Pet Costume

Now all you need is the police and fire chief costume from above, then find a construction worker and Native American costume, and you will have the entire Village People. (I couldn’t find the last 2, surprised nobody has created them yet)

Catholic Schoolgirl Pet Costume

This one has to be the worst. Anybody who dresses up their animal in this thing has got some serious issues. It’s one thing to like fully grown adult females dressed like Catholic Schoolgirls, but anyone or anything else wearing this outfit for someone’s enjoyment is just plain wrong.

4 comments on “Worst Halloween Costumes For Pets

  1. The ones that make it look like the dog is standing on two legs really weird me out. I saw a super freaky Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz costume in that style and it gave me nightmares.

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