Never Trust A Man In A Skirt

Today I was out at a Goodwill store in the Youngstown, Ohio area. There was an elderly man walking around wearing a kilt. I have no idea why he was wearing a kilt because he didn’t appear to be Scottish and also appeared to be an overzealous christian. He kept cornering young females and asking them to pray with him. He would put up his hands and totally block the aisle so they couldn’t get away from him then he would start saying a bunch of religious stuff. He didn’t even appear to be shopping. He just kept harassing women in the store then he left. I do not trust any man who is wearing a skirt.

Unless it's Sean Connery, Connery always gets a pass

In other news, I went to the pet store today and saw the greatest cat brush ever. My cat (dingleberry butt) never lets me brush him, but I found this thing called the “love glove”, despite the name it is not a masturbation device. It is a glove that you can brush your cat with while you pet it, he freaking loves that thing, which is good because he has been looking disheveled lately. Here’s a picture of what the love glove looks like.

I repeat, the Love Glove is a pet grooming product and not an adult masturbation device

Back on subject, it is never acceptable for a man to wear a kilt, especially a celebrity (except for Sean Connery, of course). It will totally ruin their career. Look at Vin Diesel, he went from being the hottest new action star to starring in crappy family friendly movies and Fast & The Furious 6. Want to know what destroyed his tough guy image?

This did. (Starring in The Pacifier didn't help either)

6 comments on “Never Trust A Man In A Skirt

  1. Don’t go to a Scottish festival — men in kilts will surround you! I actually went to one, and got a kick out of seeing the men in kilts, but to me it is a cultural statement, not a fashion statement.
    Shame on Vin Diesel for that outfit. I liked the movie The Pacifier, though. I have kids, and that movie is one of the very few “family” DVDs we owned that I could stand to watch multiple times without losing my sanity. Another was Eight Below, with Paul Walker and Jason Biggs in it.

  2. Sean Connery is sexy with or without skirt :OK:, but this Love Glove is really discovery for me. I do not see that in our pet shops, yet (I live in Serbia & Croatia). When I find this glove and buy it, it will be great for my cats and relief for me. I hope….

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