Strange Products That I Want For Christmas

Zombie Car Decals

You ever see those stupid decals people have on their cars that represent members of their immediate family? Now they have zombie family decals, I actually saw someone driving around with these and they were pretty awesome. It also totally works if a member of your immediate family dies, you can just peel off the sticker of the living person and replace them with an awesome zombie sticker, sweet!

Or if the zombie apocalypse actually happens and you keep your undead loved ones chained in your basement


Bacon Flavored Lubricant

It either would taste really good or really bad, but at least they haven’t made sardine flavored lube yet.

I'm not sure if this advertisement is supposed to be funny or if it is for pig-woman fetishists


Pillow Weapons

These are pretty awesome. They have pillow lightsabers, axes, grenades, ninja stars, nunchakus, and scimitars. I could have a lot of fun with these.

Safer than hitting people with plastic weapon replicas, but less fun


Pillow weapons are the only thing that could make lingerie pillow fights even better

Umbrella Raincoat

I don’t care how bad it is raining out, I would never go out in public in this ridiculous thing. Imagine walking around in this when it stops raining, people will automatically assume you are mentally challenged.

Not only does it repel water, it repels sexual partners as well

It actually kind of reminds me of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs

The resemblance is uncanny


Hanging Tent

This thing looks completely safe. It’s a tent attached to a rope that you can hang from a tree, bridge, or any unsafe thing you can think of to dangle hundreds of feet up in the air from. From the looks of this picture, these 2 are ready for some coitus, which would be really awkward when the tree branch holding them snaps and they get impaled on some rocks in the reverse cowgirl position.

Can you move a little to the left? *tree snaps* OH MY GOD!!

Suit Pajamas

This is a suit that is made out of pajama material. Now you can look like a complete douchebag at home or in the offiice all for the low price of $89.99!

Yes, I am wearing the suit pajamas. Yes, I am spending the evening alone watching Golden Girls on Netflix. How did you know?




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