What I’ve Done The Passed Two Days, Including Weird People At The Gym and Gross Toilets

Yesterday I went to the gym and watched Bumble Bee open presents, then went to a birthday party where there was lots of good food and a bunny. Didn’t blog last night because I went to bed early and it was too hard to type while wearing a Slanket (it’s a generic Snuggie).

Anyway, I went to the gym yesterday and saw the most awesome guy that I have ever seen. He looked like he jumped out of a time machine from 1986 but turned into a husky middle aged man along the way. The photo isn’t the best quality because I took it on my phone and was trying to look like I was texting. He is on the treadmill wearing a green tank top which appears to be a size extra large when in reality he is more of a 3XL kind of guy, so it appears a little snug, especially in the mid-section. And  yes those are bright orange jogging shorts that he is wearing which are just a tad too short for a man of any age or size to be wearing. And that blue growth growing out of his back is indeed a fanny pack. I bet you thought fanny packs went out of style 20 years ago, if so you are 100% correct.

I don't care what anyone says, he is totally rocking the shit out of that fanny pack

This afternoon The Mrs. and I went with the in-laws to do some Christmas shopping. We were in the Holiday section of TJ Max when I got the urge to relieve myself. If you have read my blog from last week about men’s restrooms you will know that I was well prepared for whatever dangers may await me on my journey. Considering that I was going to a public men’s room, and in TJ Max of all places, I was anticipating the worst. The horrors that I encountered can only be explained via photograph:

There is clearly a holder for toilet seat protectors above the toilet, however they choose to store all of the clean and used ones on the floor, that is hardly sanitary

In other news, my cat is so retarded that he chewed on the Christmas tree lights and shorted out the entire bottom string of lights after I spent over an hour fixing them last week.  Hopefully, the next time he decides to chew on a light bulb he will get electrocuted and learn his lesson. Actually, he is so stupid he would probably still chew on the light bulbs afterwards.

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