Why Are Cats Afraid Of Vacuums?

Yesterday, I was running the vacuum cleaner because it hadn’t been done in awhile, and the dingleberrry flipped out just like he always does. I am baffled by this behavior, he once jumped from the dresser and landed on the Mrs.’s face, scratching her with his back claws. All you have to do is turn on the vacuum and he takes off running and hides somewhere. He always picks the stupidest places to hid though, here’s a picture of him from yesterday:

If I hide between the entertainment center and the bookshelf, the vacuum can't find me

However, some cats are better at hiding than others…

Pay no attention to the walking paper sack, move along. Somebody's been playing too much Metal Gear Solid


I once hid under a text book for 6 months, I survived by drinking my own piss


I am the Ghost of Cat-mas present, turn off the vacuum or Tiny Tim Dies


When the cat and the vacuum collide, someone is going to get hurt


The worst part of vacuums is that they totally throw off productivity at cat-work

The main reason cats are afraid of vacuums: cats are stupid

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