Mail’s Here Again

For those of you unfamiliar with my creepy old neighbor, check this post:

The Mrs. was waiting in the car for me this evening when she spotted creepy old guy up to his typical shenanigans and happened to snap a quick photo of him while pretending to text:

As you can see he is wearing his bright green scrub pants, unmatched striped shirt, and waiting impatiently for the mailman. Can't tell from this angle but he may or may not have an erection.

As usual he has probably been standing in front of the only entrance to our apartment complex and looking at the stack of mailboxes. The mailman happened to be in the parking lot when this picture was taken, so I am sure that if I had entered the building he would have informed me that the mailman was there. He truly is the master of the obvious except when it comes to picking out clothes that match.

In other news, I have decided to withdraw from school. It appears that taking online classes for a computer certification takes a lot more work than I expected (multiple assignments due every week? What the fuck? I didn’t even have weekly assignments in grad school. I thought I was attending Stark State not Soviet Russia State).  Plus I also know how to create kick-ass web-pages, I just don’t have a piece of paper that says that I can. Not exactly looking for a new job at the time anyway because I love my new job, but if I decide to create my own internet counseling business I don’t need any web design credentials. The good news: more time to play Xbox.

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