Breakfast At Taco Bell…Really?

Taco Bell is officially going to start serving breakfast and their menu items appear to be even worse than would be expected by the creators of the crunchwrap supreme and diarrhea with blood in it. I thought some of the breakfast “food” served at McDonald’s was a little gut-wrenching but apparently things can get much much worse…

Even the pictures on the promotional poster are un-appealing, I can only fathom what the actual food items look like without photoshop.


First of all, they are selling their cheesy potatoes as “breakfast potatoes” which is basically the cheesy potatoes without the cheese. Plus they changed the shape of their “cinnamon twists” and called them “cinnamon tostadas”. Everything else appears like they took their regular menu items and put egg, bacon, and sausage in them.

Enlargement of the breakfast crunchwrap, I thought the original crunchwrap was nasty this just looks like a pile of feces with egg and cheese on top of it wrapped up in a tortilla. Yummy!


Part of me wants to unwrap this thing and throw the contents around a bathroom stall and totally fuck with a cleaning ladies head.

Which reminds me of the good old empty-toilet-paper-roll “turd” prank…

A true classic


Ironically this is also the first picture that comes up when you Google Image Search "blood in stool"


Special thanks to The Mrs. for bringing these breakfast items to my attention. She hasn’t been feeling well because she had a kidney stone yesterday and spent the morning in the hospital. Which also brings me to the joys of the Emergency Room, also known as where white trash go for basic medical needs. Some lovely young woman came in after we did, she had about as many teeth as a Jack-O-Lantern, and was there for god only knows what reason and spent 20 minutes screaming like a 5 year old: “Oh my god it hurts, it hurts! I have to pee I have to pee!!! AAAAHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHH I’m in pain! I’m in pain” plus another 5 minutes of dramatic moaning. I’m pretty sure she smoked a little too much “crystal” that morning, or she ate at Taco Bell, I’m pretty sure it was a 50/50 chance of it being one of the two things that would have brought her there.


3 comments on “Breakfast At Taco Bell…Really?

  1. It was just a matter of time before Taco Bell offered breakfast items. It’s another example of industrial food. Have you tried the tp turd in a tortilla? ERs do bring out the strange ones – it’s our version of socialized medicine.

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