My Latest Book Idea

I have been thinking of writing a book for awhile but have been too lazy to actually write it, but I have come up with a plot idea and a title. Here is what I have so far:

It is going to be about a village of Amish people fighting off a zombie infestation. It is going to be titled “Plain Undead”. It is going to be a horror/teen romance novel. Think Twilight meets the Walking Dead, except I’m not a Mormon so there will be penetration. Also expect tons of action such as horse-drawn buggies with chainsaws attached to them.

It is going to take place in  rural Ohio in the center of Amish country. The main zombie outbreak will have occurred several months before the story takes place but the Amish will be unaware because they don’t believe in electricity, TV, radios, or the internet. It will take awhile for the zombies to reach them because of the vast farmland separating them from the outside world.

The story will center around Rebecca Yoder, a rebellious Amish teenager who is losing faith in her Amish heritage and has even known to sneak out at night wearing dresses that don’t cover her ankles. She has been known to argue with her parents about her chores which involve churning butter and making goat cheese. Her parents are pressuring her into marriage because she just turned 16 and is well passed the prime marrying age for a young woman of the Amish faith. They want her to marry her 3rd cousin Jonas Yoder who owns 3 horses, 4 cows, and has a successful furniture business. She isn’t interested in marrying him because of his uni-brow, web toes, and the fact that he is her cousin.

Their world begins to take a turn for the worse when a group of survivors stumble upon their peaceful farm with an angry horde of zombies in toe. The group of survivors is led by an “Englisher” (non-Amish person) named Bill Ash whom Rebecca begins to develop feelings for. However she is torn between this new shotgun toting stranger and her cousin Jonas whom she feels pressure to marry. However, things end up in her favor after Jonas catches Rebecca and Bill sharing a romantic encounter in the barn and has his wiener savagely bitten off by a zombie and a heartbroken Rebecca is forced to shoot him in the head after he turns into one  of the undead.

Although the town Elders and Rebecca’s parents frown of her relationship with the Englisher with six-pack abs, and she is close to being shunned from her Amish faith, most of them are eaten by zombies so their opinions really don’t matter anymore. Things however take another tragic turn when Rebecca’s Uncle Eli decides that he wants Rebecca to be his bride after his wife got eaten alive. He takes Bill hostage in his barn, ties him up and cuts off one of his arms so that he can have Rebecca’s hand in unholy matrimony. He also begins to domesticate the zombies by forcing them to do farm work and even churns butter out of hallowed out zombie brains. However, Bill gets loose and with a new arm fashioned out of a pitchfork and a modified shotgun quickly puts an end to Eli’s madness. The happy couple then manage to escape the village before it is overrun with zombies and head for the hills of West Virginia for safety from the zombie menace. It is going to be epic.

Plain Undead: Coming Soon!

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