Stupid Things That People Own #42: Tacky Lawn Geese That People Dress Up In Stupid Outfits

You know what I’m talking about, they are in every neighborhood, you drive by in your car and see them everyday. It’s those tacky lawn geese that people dress up in outfits that nobody ever admits to owning. There is a house nearby that I drive by frequently and whoever lives there changes their goose’s clothes at least once a week, I never see it in the same outfit.

These things are a goddamn eyesore, but I have happened to find quite a collection of the worst (best?) goose outfits ever made.

Hey lets take one tacky cliche lawn ornament and then dress it up like another one!


Goose princess, a prince lawn goose outfit is oddly absent, so fitting. Forever alone.


I know that there are people out there that immediately run outside and put this raincoat on their lawn goose the minute it starts raining.


I can guarantee you that the mere sight of the owner of this goose in a cheerleader outfit would make most men go blind.


Not sure if leprechaun or Irish stereotype. Needs more liquor.


No, just no.


Goth geese, you cut your grass, they cut themselves.


Goose Nativity Scene. Shouldn't that be an egg and not a rubber ducky? Just saying...


I saved the best for last…

BDSM Goose, I was totally planning on photoshopping this but then I found a real one. OMG this is the best thing ever.

3 comments on “Stupid Things That People Own #42: Tacky Lawn Geese That People Dress Up In Stupid Outfits

  1. Why do I have the sudden urge to purchase some of these? This reminds me of the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. Only better. 🙂

    I love geese. 😀

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