New Torture Device For Cats

There is  a website called and it has the most awesome cat food dish I have ever seen. It is an interactive cat feeding station that has a series of tubes that you hide it’s food in and it has to use it’s brain and it’s paws in order to eat. I don’t know about you but my cat is too stupid to be able to figure this thing out and would likely starve to death. What really sells this product is how sad and confused the cat looks in the ad:

What the hell is going on here? Where's my goddamn food!!!


Is this some kind of joke? I'm fucking starving here!!


Seriously guys? How am I supposed to fit my head down in this tiny little tube?


It's been 12 long years and I still can't figure out how this infernal device works!!!


My favorite part about these pictures is the fact that none of the cats have successfully figured out how to get their food out of this thing. I know that it is supposed to stimulate their brains or something but their brains are like the size of a golf ball, this thing is just going to torture them. I would like to get this for my cat just to laugh at him while he fumbles with it and fails miserably.

Speaking of the dingleberry, I bought him some wheat grass today because he has a fetish for eating plants. Maybe now he will leave our bonsai tree alone. Of course, we had to place the wheat grass so that it was nowhere near his food dish and make it look like it was a household plant we didn’t want him to screw with. He started eating that stuff the second we set it out.

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