A 17 Year Old Kid Sold His Kidney For An iPad2, In Retrospect He Decided It Wasn’t A Good Idea

In China, a 17 year old sold his kidney on the black market so that he could buy an iPad2. He apparently set up the transaction through the Chinese version of Craigslist and met some guys at the hospital that took his kidney and gave him $3,400. You can get an iPad2 for $400-$899, so what the hell did he spend the other $3,000 on? He should of just sold one of his testicles or something. He ll I would consider selling one of my organs for $3,400, I could use the money, if it weren’t for the obvious health risks. But obviously this kid was too much of a dumbass to bother researching what can go wrong when you sell your kidney to some guys that you met through the internet.

The hospital that he went to was not equipped to handle a kidney transplant, plus the hospital didn’t even know that the surgery took place because they rented out the urology department for the day to some Japanese businessman. What kind of hospital does that shit? Plus it appears that the kid is dying so he isn’t really able to enjoy his new iPad. Which isn’t necessarily bad news because if you’re dumb enough to sell your kidney for an iPad it’s pretty hard to feel sorry for you.

He should have at least gotten something cool for his money, iPad’s are OK and all but my android phone does most of the things and iPad does and it only cost me $1. He should have spent his money on a Real Doll. If you don’t know what a Real Doll is, it is basically a life like silicone mannequin that you can have sex with. So much cooler than an iPad, except it isn’t really something that you would want to show off to your friends. And anyway, at least the kid would be getting laid, I would have killed for one of those things when I was 17.

Having A Real Doll is like a cross between playing with dolls and necrophilia, but way hotter.


The Article can be read here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/229318/kid_sells_kidney_for_ipad_2_regrets_transaction.html

You can purchase a Real Doll here: http://www.realdoll.com/


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