It’s The Year 2012 And They Still Haven’t Invented A Wireless Router That Works

Last night I had to drive over to Target at 9:30 to get a new wireless router because my old one liked to reboot itself every 5 to 10 minutes for no apparent reason lately. As you can imagine, this could get very irritating rather quickly. I have always had a problem with this router, it was a Belkin, by the way, not going to be buying that brand again. This router had been a problem from day one, the box said that it had easy setup, which you probably know by now is complete and utter bullshit. If the setup for any computer device really only required plugging it in and inserting a CD, there would be no need for tech support, which I did for a few years until it filled me with murderous rage. I swear 60% of my customers couldn’t even plug in cords correctly, even when the ports and cords are color coded and there are little pictures above the ports that specifically show what gets plugged in where.

Not rocket science. I seriously got paid $35 an hour for doing this.


Anyway, I am getting off topic…

So, I plug the router in and connect it to my modem with an ethernet cable, turn the power strip on, then insert the CD. Then of course the router can’t be detected and it takes over half an hour of troubleshooting and re-installing software before it finally works. Then after a few weeks it would randomly reboot itself or the computer or my Xbox would stop detecting it whenever I was half way through watching a video or winning at Call of Duty.



Yesterday, I finally got fed up with the router because it kept needing to be reset every time I was using the internet and was constantly rebooting no matter how many times i re-installed the driver, which is pretty stupid because you technically shouldn’t even need it installed on every computer for it to work properly. So I went out and bought a Linksys router last night which had “easy setup 1 2 3”. Of course it took me 30 minutes of re-configuring my network settings, installing and uninstalling the software, and resetting my router and modem before I was connected. I know it would take the average person with limited computer knowledge spending several hours on the phone with frustrated tech support people to resolve this problem, poor bastards. I haven’t lost my connection once since I got everything working, I hope it lasts although I know that it won’t.

And yes, I totally ripped off the title from my Freshly Pressed printer topic from last year.

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