Eye See You!

Today I went to the eye doctors. Unfortunately, I had to get new glasses even though I just got new glasses last year. My eyes have gotten even worse, I feel like I’m 80. I also had to get the pressure checked in my eyes which meant that they had to put numbing drops in my eyes and then poke them with this thing that looked like a giant pen. That was very uncomfortable and will give me nightmares for the next couple of weeks. They also dilated my pupils with more eye drops and then took a picture of the insides of my eyes to check for detached retinas and glaucoma. Fortunately I didn’t have either but they said that I would probably have glaucoma in the future. They also gave me an awesome picture of the insides of my eyes that I can frame and hang on my wall and creep out anybody that comes over to visit.

Can you spot the early warning signs of glaucoma?


Of course I couldn’t resist the fun of holding this creepy picture of the insides of my eyeballs to my face and chasing The Mrs. and the cat around the house with it.

Eye see you! And yes, I know I desperately need to brush my teeth.

And then I ate a bunch of cotton candy Pop Rocks, now I’m pretty sure I have cavities and type II diabetes.

Pop Rocks = poor man's crack

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