Why Do Cats Scoot Their Butts Across The Floor? And Cats In Awkward Positions

Yesterday, I caught my cat scooting his butt across the floor like a dog does. I have seen him do this before but he usually had dingleberries, this time he was doing it for no apparent reason or he was getting some kind of pleasure from rubbing his nether regions on the carpet. I did some research and apparently it is fairly common for cats to do this, with photographic evidence of course.

Oh yeah, that’s the spot!


I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that entire spool of yarn! 


Those were the only pictures I could find of cats butt-scooting and unfortunately most of them were as grainy as pictures of bigfoot. So, anyway I will fill up the rest of this post with pictures of cats caught in awkward positions…

Now point to where ceiling cat touched you.


“We were just wrestling, I swear!” – The Pug                                                                                “Y’all got a cigarette?” – The Cat


I tried to stay up and finish the movie but I was sooooo sleepy.


Doing it human style.


Turn on the faucet and I will claw your goddamn eyes out.


This is my impersonation of you, dead in a casket, if you forget to keep my food dish filled up.


Don’t you know how to knock?!


You want in on this when I’m done?

In other news…

Today I was using Google Image Search to look up a different version of an image that I used yesterday, which was a picture of a Pog with Robin cutting someone’s hair.

I typed in “Hairdresser Robin Pog” and instead of this…

On the fourth row of searches, this came up…

Which is a picture of me doing my impersonation of a Nicholas Cage meme from a completely unrelated post, weird.


6 comments on “Why Do Cats Scoot Their Butts Across The Floor? And Cats In Awkward Positions

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for the last few weeks and think your hilarious! I love my cat’s too,,,one question for you,,,I have a butt scooter too, but he goes back and licks where he scooted, what’s up with that???

  2. Hello, I googled “cats scooting” because our cat has started doing this, and just out of curiosity, what do you end up doing when your cat scoots? Bring him to the vet? Let him be? BLERGH! It is so disturbing : S

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