Mr. Rabies Is Back and Possibly A Zombie

Several months ago I came across a raccoon living in the dumpster at my apartment complex, I named him Mr. Rabies and I blogged about him a few times. I have caught him hiding in the dumpster several times which made me freak out and shut the dumpster lid then run across the other side of the parking lot to another dumpster to throw my garbage away, I have to be pretty motivated to do this because I am quite lazy. Anyway, I hadn’t seen Mr. Rabies for awhile so I figured that the garbage truck picked him up in the dumpster and crushed him to death then drove his dead body to the dump and then piled tons of garbage over top of his decaying corpse. I figured that is how he has been spending his summer, until a few nights ago when I took the garbage out late at night and heard some kind of animal or homeless person rummaging through the garbage. Again, afraid to open the dumpster and get my face eaten off, I made the laborious trek of 20 or 30 feet to the next dumpster and then ran back inside and locked all the doors. Which makes me think that either Mr. Rabies is still alive and living in the dumpster, there’s another raccoon living in the dumpster, or the obvious conclusion that Mr. Rabies is now an undead zombie raccoon that is out for revenge.!

And he may or may not have stolen a truck.

More than likely though, he is still dead and decaying in a landfill and it’s some other raccoon which will inevitably end up getting crushed to death by the trash compactor, just like Shredder at the end of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Wait, how was he alive in TMNT 2 then? And he got crushed to death at the end of that one too!


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