Warwick Davis Is Awesome

Today this picture showed up in my news feed. It is obviously photoshopped but this movie NEEDS to be made, it would be mind-blowingly awesome.


The Mrs. saw this and asked me if I saw the poster online that had Samuel L. Jackson and Willow in it. And, by the way if you have never heard of or seen the movie Willow, you must watch it now, it is kind of like a cross of Lord of the Rings and Army of Darkness but with a midget as the lead character. It is all kinds of awesome.

I totally forgot that Val Kilmer was in it until now.


Anyway, then I started to share a bunch of my useless nerd trivia knowledge with the Mrs. and told her how Warwick Davis played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. Not only was he an Ewok, he was the lead Ewok in that movie named Wicket. Wicket was the Ewok that befriended Princess Leia and was pivotal in defeating the Empire on Endor. The fact that she didn’t completely ridicule me for my irrelevant encyclopedia of nerdy facts shows that she is my soulmate.

Here is Warwick Davis and Carrie Fisher together in Return of the Jedi.

While searching for that picture I also found out that there is a whole bunch of pornographic fanfiction involving Princess Leia having sexual intercourse with Ewoks.

It only gets worse and more disturbing from here. And I spent a little too much time researching this.

Anyway, back on topic. Another useless fact: Warwick Davis also played the Leprechaun in all of those godawful Leprechaun movies, including Leprechaun in the hood.

However, he still had a more successful movie career than Mark Hamill. Voice acting doesn’t count no matter how awesome he is as the voice of the Joker.a




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