Most Disturbing Examples Of Rule 34 On The Internet

If you have never heard of Rule 34, it is pretty simple. If it exists there is porn of it, no exceptions. This appears to be true, I have tried to find exceptions to this rule and have been completely terrified by the results.


I know that I have posted about My Little Pony porn before, but I have come across far more disturbing examples since then. But I know a lot of “Bronies” come by my page. Guys that masturbate to My Little Ponies call themselves Bronies by the way, apparently. So here is some fan service to you. Seriously I get more hits to my blog from the tag “My Little Pony Porn” than from anything else.


You’re welcome.

What’s more disturbing than My Little Pony Porn you ask? Pokemon Porn, more specifically humanoid Pikachu porn. Seriously, what the fuck guys?! Pikachu is like the unsexiest thing ever, so let’s make him a girl and give him boobs and anal beads for some reason.




And pretty much any video game porn for that matter, especially when you take the most unflattering or creepy characters from the video game and give them female parts, like this plant from Super Mario Brothers, seriously who is drawing this stuff? Also the queen from the movie Alien? WTF?






However, these examples are really not that disturbing, because they can be done by anybody with a computer and an ability to draw cartoon boobies. What is really disturbing is the the live action shit that was produced by actual porn companies that have scripts, plots, and real actors. Seriously, you can google pretty much any TV show or movie and the words XXX and you will find a porno of it. Here are some examples:

Smurf Porn

There apparently was a big enough demand for live action Smurf porn for Hustler to make it a reality. Have you ever watched an episode of the Smurfs and wanted to see Gargamel 69 Smurfette? If so, today is your lucky day! Seriously look at the guy playing Gargamel, you can tell he is totally committed to this role.



American Dad

American Dad is on Sundays after Family Guy, was created by Seth McFarlane and has the same type of humor, except it has an effeminate alien as a main character, named Roger. Now imagine a porno where a guy is dressed up like this alien and is a focal point of most of the sex scenes. I watched some of this movie to see how accurate it is, and they actually did a pretty good job of imitating the main characters and finding actors that look like their cartoon counterparts. That is too much detail for a movie where people are having sex with latex aliens! It is more disturbing than it sounds. And the sex scenes not involving the alien are incest scenes involving the father and his teenage daughter, so it has that going for it too.




There are plenty of Star Wars Porn videos out there too, of course! If you ever wanted to see Chewbacca have a 3 way with some sexy Stormtroopers you are in luck! I censored his penis, Spoiler alert: It was tiny and flaccid. Awesome!




There is also a video where Luke and Han Solo and have a sausage fest with Princess Leia, remember Luke is her brother guys! When I envisioned Star Wars porn these are the 2 things that were farthest from my thought process.



There are lots of Batman porn videos available as well, and for some reason all of them seem to be based on the cheesy TV show from the 60’s.




And they all feature middle aged men in cheap Batman costumes. They really lose points for in-authenticity there.




The most disturbing thing ever has to be ET porn though. Look at ET, he looks like a giant walking turd. This is the only safe for work picture I could find, but I sat through about 3 minutes of this video and wanted to gouge my eyes out.




But there is plenty more out there to quench your appetite for bizarre ass porn videos, such as:

Mr. Peanut








Sesame Street








The Cosby Show

Not The Cosbys 2 XXX Parody



And Transformers


11 comments on “Most Disturbing Examples Of Rule 34 On The Internet

  1. Um… actually, any fan of the new MLP series outside of the target demographic of ten year old girls is called a Brony. Most Bronies are really not into or totally against this stuff.

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