Awkward Pregnancy Photos

There are literally tons of people who get pregnancy photos done, and for some reason almost all of them are really bad and awkward. Here are some of the best I could find.


This one almost looks like her hideous pregnancy stomach is photoshopped into the picture. It is just kind of exploding out of her jacket that doesn’t fit and awkwardly protruding out of her pants that no longer fit. Extra points for wearing stripper heels.



I hope that they burn this photo after their child is old enough to know what bondage is. Oh wait, this is going to exist on the internet forever. Nevermind.



I don’t understand why everyone is naked in at least half of the pictures I can find. And the men are always as gross as their wives are.



Why is the guy wearing a mesh bodysuit and leather panties? Why are they in a cave? Why do they look like glam rock neanderthals? So many questions!



She looks like a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin, except pregnant with a frozen cartoon child in her stomach.



The image in the top left looks like she is about to piss on her husband chest. Don’t understand what the Easter Bunny has to do with being pregnant.



Some people just should’t be photographed topless, especially when pregnant. This is just an unflattering picture.


bad pregnancy photo 10

This guy is naked for no reason then they put their dog in the picture just because.


bad pregnancy photo 11

Here lets just wrap you up with this giant plastic sheet I have laying around because art and stuff…


bad pregnancy photo 3

I really don’t know what is going on here. There’s a balding man-child grinning like a jackass while wheeling around on a toy car. While his wife in a very unflattering outfit is holding a plush stop sign. It doesn’t make any sense.


bad pregnancy photo 9

Just because you can superimpose a picture of your baby onto a picture of your pregnant stomach doesn’t mean you should ever do it. It is just really fucking creepy.



Is she trying to kill the baby with alcohol poisoning?



If you’re going to do an awkward pregnancy photo you might as well just do it to the extreme.



Most people have a drawing of a real baby put on their stomach. This woman has a picture of a sexy man-fetus. I guess that works too.



She’s topless in a bamboo jungle while wearing a quilt for a skirt for some reason. What a wonderful idea.



This looks like a Viagra commercial yet has the complete opposite effect of Viagra.



This guy just looks like a pervert grinning back there.



Because posing in front of a giant blown up picture of your stretch marks sounded like a good idea.



Again, a couple of naked people who kind of look like they are having sex but also seem to be staring at something on the floor at the same time.


download (1)

They airbrushed this guy and made him look prettier than his wife.



What do people actually do with these photos after getting them printed? Do they mail them to people? Do they hang them up in their house? Or do they just get stuffed in a desk and they try to pretend like they never happened?

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