The Weirdest Star Wars Toys I Have Ever Seen: Nude Female Darth Vader Bear Crucifixion Scene

These are the weirdest Star Wars toys I have ever seen and they don’t make any sense. They are being sold at the Thailand Toy Expo. Thailand has some fucked up toys.



First of all, I have no idea why there are naked chicks wearing giant oversized Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Masks that are shaped like bear heads. The masks are also damaged and appear to have neon living bear faces. Except they also seem to be helmets because you can kind of see a human female head at the base. Plus Star Wars characters aren’t Christians so I don’t understand where the cross and crucifixion fit in with it at all. Plus it is kind of sexy and a totally creepy kind of way. Plus their helmets are the wrong colors. This makes so little sense that it is also kind of awesome.





They are pretty well detailed except for the lack of nipples.




This is also apparently a two piece set. There is one where they are wearing the correct colors and the masks have bones underneath them which is kind of creepy.













These toys are limited edition and only available in Thailand, that means they are ridiculously expensive to buy and they aren’t really something most people could display in their homes. But they are kind of awesome anyway. All Pictures from TOYSREVIL



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