This Has To Be The Worst Designed Toy Ever

This is a Marvel Comics Punisher toy. The Punisher is more of a psychotic serial killer than a superhero so I’m not really sure why they make toys of him, plus all of the Punisher movies have been terrible. This toy just doesn’t make any sense. It is a Punisher action figure that transforms into a gun. He isn’t a robot, he doesn’t have any superpowers he is just a man that kills  people with guns. I don’t understand why this toy transforms into a gun. I don’t know why the barrel of the gun looks like a giant penis and is located in his crotch. Plus when you transform him into a gun the barrel is aiming out of his ass and he doesn’t even resemble a gun, there is just so much wrong with this toy.




And here is a video review someone did of this toy, which is pretty hilarious. 

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