I Almost Tried Beezin Before It Was Cool

Beezin is something that kids today are into, apparently. It involves rubbing Burt’s Bees Lip Balm on your eyes to get high. Burt’s Bees contains peppermint oil which causes inflammation and burning sensations when it comes in contact with certain parts of your body. Supposedly this reaction makes you feel drunk or high when you get it in your eyes. But that is pretty stupid because you can cause permanent damage to your eyes if you keep using it.


Honestly can never say I ever thought about rubbing this in my eyes. Which makes me wonder how this whole craze got started.


Anyway, here is the weird way in which I almost tried Beezin. The Mrs. has a bottle of pure peppermint oil, you can by this stuff online (for now). It is a natural headache remedy, you put a few drops on your head and the scent is supposed to relieve headaches. You can also add it to your bath water for a relaxing effect. The Mrs. is also secretly really into Beezin (just kidding). So, I was adding some of this peppermint oil to the bathtub and I accidentally spilled some on my hands. She told me you could only add about 5 drops to the tub because if you put too much in you will feel like your skin is burning off. Like an idiot I touched my mouth after I spilled some of it on me and felt like my mouth was on fire for several minutes. I immediately washed my hands after that because I was afraid of getting it in my eyes, but apparently I also prevented myself from getting high like a bunch of preteens.


They sell this at GNC, pretty soon kids will probably be pouring the whole bottle in their eyes and going completely blind. There is a pretty big disclaimer on the bottle warning about contact with eyes. The stupid things people do to get a cheap high.

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