Strange Craigslist Ads

Here’s a collection of the weirdest Craigslist ads out there. There were plenty of strange ones to choose from.


Fun fact: This woman’s real name is Donald Waelde and he was arrested and charged with bestiality.


































Book Review, as promised, sort of…

Here is my review of the Sexy Book of Sexy Sex as promised last week. I haven’t written a book review since Undergrad so sorry if I’m a little rusty. I got an A’s on my reviews just like I did in all of my classes so this should be somewhere between mediocre and amazing. I read this entire book out loud to the Mrs. This was one of the weirdest books I have ever read. It was full of bizarre stories including a graphic fictional account of someone  having coitus with the Loch Ness Monster. The thing is this book sounds like something that I could have written. OK I’m getting a little bored already, not going to write a full review because it is starting to feel like school work, it’s awesome though, let me know if you want to borrow it. I will let you if I know you personally, if you’re a stranger who wondered upon this blog though, you can’t borrow it because you probably won’t return it.


Here is a picture of the cover

My mom, the Squirrel Queen emailed me a link to another action figure that I need to add to my collection. It is a Vincent Van Gogh action figure with interchangeable heads. One with 2 ears, and one with a missing ear and  head wrapped in a bandage from when he went crazy from STD’s and cut off his ear and gave it to a prostitute. Here’s a picture:

Unfortunately it is out of stock so I can’t buy it, maybe I will run into one someday.

Today I went out to a local Wal-Mart and saw a pack of bros and a ho in the parking lot. It was interesting because I spotted an elusive African American bro. Most of them were wearing mixed martial arts t-shirts and backwards hats and the girl was dressed like a skank in short shorts and too much makeup. Speaking of bros, the bros next door were making so much noise last night it woke up the Mrs. at 3am, then she called me at work and woke me up because she thought someone was breaking in. She also looked out the window to see that both of them were parked in the fire lane as usual.

The Mrs. still needs to shave my back, I hope to go swimming soon but my back is looking like Robin William’s. I wonder how the bros always seem to have no hair on their backs, do they shave each other’s backs? Do they have their significant other’s and/or parents shave their backs for them? They shave all of their chest and abdomen hair as well as probably their pubic hair and their legs.

I am now watching Bitchin Kitchen on the Cooking Channel, weird show. The host is a crazy chick with shirtless dudes helping her in the kitchen. Not sure what’s so “bitchin” about this show other than the girl appears to be high on meth and has an annoying accent.