There Is A Sex Themed Restaurant In Taiwan

Taiwan just opened this restaurant which is supposed to be an educational restaurant that educates people about the sizes of penises and breasts around the world. It also has blow up dolls laying around that people can play with. There are also miniatures that explain how to engage in a threesome.


They also serve penis pudding, I don’t know what is surrounding it but I don’t think they intended it to look like bloody diarrhea



They also have creepy breast-shaped bowls. However, shouldn’t all the bowls be ridiculous? They have this giant breast shaped bowl and then they just have a couple of plain bowls accompanying it. That’s just lazy.


This video is amazing though.


You can read more about the restaurant here. 

More Nonsense That Makes Me Say WTF

I’ve been kind of sick the last couple days so haven’t been blogging much or doing much of anything other than looking around for dumb stuff on the internet that makes me laugh. Here are plenty of gems to share with you today:

I bet that this guy wasn't sure if he was just really high or if there really was a creepy leprechaun in his dining room.

I have seen this picture so many times and I still don't get what that thing is. Is it photoshopped? Is it real? Were these people arrested for sexually molesting it in their bathtub while capturing it on film? There are just too many questions.


At first I was like: "would I or wouldn't I hit that?" Then I was like: "Why is there a horse hiding in a trap door underneath her lawn?" But, then I was like: "I'd hit it while the horse watched".


Weirdest way to give your cat a bath or awesomest? I'm not quite sure yet, but that cat's expression is going to haunt me in my sleep tonight.


I like how everyone is playing imaginary instruments but the big guy in the middle is just standing there like he doesn't give a shit. Although some of them look like they are performing fellatio on an invisible man, wait they kind of look like the guy in the movie "The Invisible Man". So it is like they are giving head to each other. My mind = blown.


The guy with the blow up sex doll wouldn't look so creepy if he didn't have all the blow up donkeys behind him. This guy has a wild night of freaky inflatable bestiality and orgies awaiting him. He totally knows how to party.


Is that a real person or did someone dress up one of those creepy wooden cigar-store Indians like a douchebag?

Wonder Woman and her arch-nemesis Vagina-Man. She is going to have to spray down the magic lasso with disinfectant after this encounter.


He-Man: The not-so-much Masters of the Universe