The Dingleberry Reviews Strange Foods

The Mrs. spent the weekend visiting her sister in Southern Ohio. She brought me back some food from Jungle Jim’s International Market in Cincinnati.


As the box says these are Bacon and Cheese Flavored Crickets. They had many different flavored crickets to choose from but the Mrs. knows what I like.


Many of the crickets were missing legs and antennae, they fell off after packaging though and are collected at the bottom of the wrapper, I will eat those last. They didn’t have a lot of taste to them, they had a light bacon and cheese flavor to them but overall they had a little bit of a nutty taste them. They had a nice crunch to them as well.



The next item is chocolate flavored candy with ants in it. It was white chocolate with chocolate drizzles and the little black things are the ants. I really couldn’t see or taste the ants but there was a bit of a crunch whenever I bit into one of them. These were pretty good, it just tasted like candy. The ants they used were also pretty tiny. I’ve eaten plain ants before, they don’t really have much of a taste to them at all.

The Mrs. also got me a loaf of banana bread, I am saving that for tomorrow. I didn’t take a picture of it because it didn’t contain any insects.