Why Are Car Commercials So Annoying

I have to say that there is nothing more annoying than radio commercials. Every day that I drive to work there’s usually only talk radio on in the morning. I have to listen to a classic rock station that plays a lot of oldies just to be able listen to music on the radio in the morning. The worst part is, there are like 5 to 7 minute long commercial breaks thrown in at least twice during a 30 minute drive. I swear radio commercial breaks have been getting longer and longer. And at least half of the commercial break is fucking car commercials. I don’t know when it was decided that all car commercials had to be as loud and as annoying as humanly possible, but at some point it became a rule. And every new commercial that comes out is louder and more awful than the ones before them. It is even worse when they try to rhyme as much as possible and throw in things about popular culture like giving their sales associates Lord of the Rings nicknames.

Here is a TV ad for one of my local places that has the worst ads. Their TV ads are even worse than the radio ones. This one features people in bird costumes because the “early bird gets the worm”. Get it? Ugh..